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Dartmouth Study of Geographic Variations in Medicare Resource Use shows “for the Medicare population, residents of regions that receive 60% more care do not get better quality of care, have better access to services or satisfaction with care, and do not have better survival or outcomes.”

Short of Evidence: Growth Hormones and Shortness

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I’ve written a lot about growth hormone fraud, but this article is not about fraud. It is about waste. It is legal to use growth hormones to treat shortness in children, but that doesn’t mean that insurance and Medicaid should pay for it. One month ago, the New York Times Magazine covered this subject in an article by Stephen S. Hall. The long and short of it is while growth hormones can add an inch and a half to a child’s final height, it is not clear that this is of any value. There are far better uses for the $20,000 or more per year (treatment is typically 4-5 years) per child spent on growth hormones.

I'm Back!

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I just returned from the National Association of State Medicaid Directors Annual Conference (NASMD). But when I say, “I’m back,” that’s not exactly what I mean. Many people at the conference expressed disappointment at not receiving enews from me for the past several months. You’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to.

I decided to take a job. Yes, JOB. There are many reasons for my decision, but here’s the one that keeps me inspired. I want to make a positive impact. Yes, idealistic as always, I’m still trying to find ways to make the world a better place. No, I did not join the Peace Corps.

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