eBay Used for Medical Supply Fraud

eBay Used for Medical Supply Fraud

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In Washington last week, deputies arrested Sally Hansen after they caught her selling medical supplies on eBay. The supplies were allegedly paid for by Washington state for Hansen’s disabled child. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported thta the state Department of Social and Health Services paid $15,100 for diapers, fruit drinks, PediaSure and a state employee health insurance program paid about $23,000 for medical supplies for Hansen’s daughter.

The investigation reportedly started after Wanda DeGolier bought PediaSure from Hansen on eBay. Ms. DeGolier contacted the medical supply company after she noticed that a label on the box that said the supplies were intended for Hansen’s daughter. Read the Seattle Post-Intelligencer article

eBay is such an easy way to sell medical supplies and durable medical equipment. How can we prevent supplies that we paid for from being sold on eBay?

This investigation was started because the person that bought the supplies noticed the label that the supplies were intended for Hansen’d daughter. And she did something about it. She called the supply company, and the supply company called the state. We can deter medical supply fraud, if we require that each sealed package state the name of the intended recepient and a statement that if anyone other than the intended recipient receives the supplies, they should call the fraud hotline.