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Hospitals say anti-fraud exemptions too narrow to spur IT use (Healthcare IT News)

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Hospitals say anti-fraud exemptions too narrow to spur IT use

“WASHINGTON — Proposed Medicare rules designed to remove legal barriers to the donation of e-prescribing and electronic health records don’t go far enough, according to some hospital leaders and healthcare providers.

Nursing home fraud alleged in indictments (Jefferson City News Tribune)

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Nursing home fraud alleged in indictments (Jefferson City News Tribune) - ST. LOUIS (AP) - A federal grand jury returned indictments Thursday on charges that several nursing home operators conspired to defraud Medicare and Medicaid by collecting payments for services they did not provide to their residents.

Survey: States need tighter project management practices

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Survey: States need tighter project management practices -

By Ethan Butterfield
Staff Writer

To ensure greater success for government IT projects on which billions of dollars are spent each year, project management practices must be disciplined and adhered to by the agencies and stakeholders involved, according to a study released this week by the National Association of State CIOs.

IT as health care warrior

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IT as health care warrior -

Washington Technology 11/07/05 issue
11/07/05; Vol. 20 No. 22
By Doug Beizer

Washington Technology says …
Bio·in·for·mat·ics: Noun. The collection, classification, storage and analysis of biochemical and biological information using computers, especially as applied in molecular genetics and genomics.

Short of Evidence: Growth Hormones and Shortness

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I’ve written a lot about growth hormone fraud, but this article is not about fraud. It is about waste. It is legal to use growth hormones to treat shortness in children, but that doesn’t mean that insurance and Medicaid should pay for it. One month ago, the New York Times Magazine covered this subject in an article by Stephen S. Hall. The long and short of it is while growth hormones can add an inch and a half to a child’s final height, it is not clear that this is of any value. There are far better uses for the $20,000 or more per year (treatment is typically 4-5 years) per child spent on growth hormones.

I'm Back!

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I just returned from the National Association of State Medicaid Directors Annual Conference (NASMD). But when I say, “I’m back,” that’s not exactly what I mean. Many people at the conference expressed disappointment at not receiving enews from me for the past several months. You’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to.

I decided to take a job. Yes, JOB. There are many reasons for my decision, but here’s the one that keeps me inspired. I want to make a positive impact. Yes, idealistic as always, I’m still trying to find ways to make the world a better place. No, I did not join the Peace Corps.

Kansas Couple Convicted on Involuntary Servitude Charges

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U.S. Newswire : Releases : “Kansas Couple Convicted on Involuntary Servitude Charges…”

WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 /U.S. Newswire/ — The Justice Department announced today that Arlan Kaufman, 69, and his wife, Linda Kaufman, 62, were convicted on federal charges for forcing mentally ill patients to perform sexually explicit acts on videotape and to perform physical labor in the nude. The jury found Arlan Kaufman guilty on 31 federal counts and Linda Kaufman guilty on 30 federal counts, including involuntary servitude, forced labor, conspiracy, healthcare fraud, mail fraud, and Medicare fraud.

Janet Reno and I Discuss Health Policy

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Janet Reno spoke today at the National Conference of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. As a GLMA Board Member, I had the opportunity to chat with her briefly after her presentation.

Janet Reno and Robin Mathias Discuss Fraud Ms. Reno spoke about how important it is for all people to have access to healthcare. If minorities are protected from discrimination in healthcare but do not have the financial ability to access care, then the rights are only paper and not real. She gave many examples of how lack of health coverage harms our population. And she talked about the costs that could be avoided by having universal coverage. Ms. Reno also stressed the importance of helping the elderly stay in their homes and avoid nursing home care.

Attorney General Lockyer Offers Reward for Reporting Medi-Cal Fraud

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Attorney General Bill Lockyer today launched a crackdown on rip offs of the taxpayer-funded Medi-Cal program, announcing he will offer up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of providers of health care services and goods who defraud the system.

“This is a triple crime,” said Lockyer. “The money could be used for people who are truly ill and count on Medi-Cal as their only source of health care. Second, people are getting medical procedures they don’t need and putting themselves at risk. And taxpayers’ money is being wasted at a time when the need is great and dollars are precious.”

MMIS Call for Submissions

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I’m helping PS-TG put together presentations for the MMIS Conference in August.

You are invited to submit an abstract of a proposed topic to be considered for presentation at the upcoming MMIS conference. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! The MMIS Conference attendees include IT and health care professionals from Medicaid agencies as well as CMS and the government services sector of the health care vendor community. There are numerous benefits to being a speaker, including:

  • Your name and State or company name included in conference promotional materials related to speaker session(s)
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